October 2005

I am a rather new memeber of your organization, and i must say that it is refreshing to find a group of people dedicated to the issues which are too often swept out of sight by the corporations with dollar-sign eyes and the politicians who are of necessity egomaniacs. That being said, i believe calling on the government to force the issue of exiting our troops from Iraq is irresponsible, a bit impetuous, and altogether impossible when considering the cataclysmic events which would follow in Iraq soon after we evacuate.

Those of us in this organization are likely the kind of people who knew immediately that the term ‘preventitive warfare’ is nothing if not hypocrisy, which in an evenly balanced world would have seen us getting a taste of our own medicine as soon as we invented the phrase, and we did not believe the war was right for innumerable reasons which will surely be illuminated to a fuller extent in the near future by some enterprising journalist.

That being said, our voices were not enough to halt the war machine from revving its gas-guzzling engine, in the short span they were allowed to voice opinion at all between the allegations and the mobilization. And now that we have gone to the middle east, who have much less than we do – materially – and took what little infrastructure they had away with civilian-killing missles fired from far away by pasty men in suits they are a bit too proud of, it would not be right for us to pull out and leave the Iraqis to the influx of militant islamists who are as likely to enter the nascent state as soon as our backs are turned as we are to depart Iraq only once we have the oil propects sized up and turned into U.S. property.

I ask, as a member of this organization, that the call to government for the exit of our troops in Iraq be pulled due to the possible isolationist shadow it would cast on America to the rest of the world, a shadow already darker than at any other time in our nations history, and the lack of humanitarianism it represents when paired with the inevitable defenselessness of a tyranny-turned-fledgling-democracy surrounded by militant extremists, just beginning its long road to self-sufficiency.

Our leaders made their citizens pay the price of Iraqi freedom, and the price was not one evenly split if our lost were weighed with the lost civilians of Iraq. No self-respecting nation can invade a country, destroy it, and pull out when the fun stuff’s done twice in a thirty-year span and not expect to get a reputation for that kind of thing. That is exactly what would happen if we pulled out of Iraq now.

Updating my last journal post, ive finished my studies of Minoan history as well as the study of Archeology, both of which were quite fascinating and the former of the two being the singularly most tedious historical study i have ever pursued due to the nature of the chronological evidence which must be evaluated and put into context – while this has been many times, each facet must be appraised by the interested individual and cast in the light of his/her own tacit understanding in order for it to attain some significance as other than the mere fancy of an egomaniac.
The trig course is going well: ive managed to scrape a 89% test average out of it so far, and its halfway completed.
Russian literature is beautiful, broad, expressive emotionally, precise, and any other explitives one can think of to attach to the only literature which can as a rule be used as a doorstop, and which is also enjoyable, in a train ride kind of way.
Junior research project – interesting, informative as far as sources are concerned, but perhaps aimed at a level a bit below wht im used to being considered as…though perhaps that a good thing.
And finally, boatbuilding….got the proposal in the works up at Warren Wilson, there considering whether or not i should have some free lumber for the construction of my 8.5 foot dinghy.
Thats the curriculum as it now stands – lets see if i can get it any more complicated!

Theres a highway in my state called senator Hoyle highway,. I decided to investigate who this senator hoyle was to deserve to have a highway – which i had to ride on to and from the ariport in charlotte. This is what i found;

Approproations Subcommittee on General Government and Information Technoglogy Vice chariman,

Joint Legislative utility review committee Chairman

I took these facts to mean that in this day and age it takes a mere perusal of the regulations regarding the running of private energy companies and the procurement of giri-laptops from the east to get a highway named after you.

They range from big to enormous, have a blue/gray skin, and taper at the ends. Like all winter squash, they have an inedible skin, large, fully developed seeds that must be scooped out, and a dense flesh. They are generally peeled and boiled, cut up and roasted, or cut small and steamed or sautéed.
That being siad, these things look like dreadlocks on an iceplanetalien…

Heinrich Himmler, S.S. officer, organized the greatest-ever expedition in search of Atlantis.

Annealing: The controlled cooling of blown glass.

Definition of Pleochromism:

The property of an anisotropic crystal to absorb different wavelengths of light, and thus have different colors, depending on its orientation

Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) the anti-secession law of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) provides a legal justification for the use of force against Taiwan, altering the status quo in the region, and thus is of grave concern to the United States; (2) the President of the United States should direct all appropriate U.S. officials to reflect the grave concern with which the United States views the passage of China’s anti-secession law in particular, and the growing Chinese military threats to Taiwan in general, to their counterpart officials in the Government of the PRC; and (3) the U.S. Government should reaffirm its policy that the future of Taiwan should be resolved by peaceful means and with the consent of the people of Taiwan, and continue to encourage dialogue between Taiwan and the PRC.

S.J.RES.15 (Brownback) A joint resolution to acknowledge a long history of official depredations and ill-conceived policies by the United States Government regarding Indian tribes and offer an apology to all Native Peoples on behalf of the United States.

Calls upon the President to issue a proclamation: (1) recognizing the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe; (2) reasserting the U.S. commitment to full implementation of the Helsinki Final Act; and (3) urging all participating countries to abide by their Helsinki obligations.

Calls upon the President to convey to all Helsinki signatories that respect for human rights, democratic principles, and economic liberty continue to be vital elements in promoting a new era of democracy, peace, and unity in the region covered by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Hiddenite is an attractive gem mineral, but is rare and for the most part known only to collectors. The green color varies from a yellowish to a bluish green and can even approach the beauty of an emerald green. Hiddenite is one of two gemstone varieties of spodumene. The other variety is pink and is called kunzite. Hiddenite is strongly pleochroic, meaning there is a color intensity variation when a crystal of it is viewed from different directions. The top and bottom of the crystal reveal the deepest colors and knowlegable gem cutters take advantage of its effects. Hiddenite was exclusively (until recent finds in Madagascar and Brazil) found in Alexander Co., North Carolina and was first discovered there in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Due to hiddenite’s cleavage, splintery fracture and strong pleochroism, it is considered a real gem cutter’s challenge

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