I am a rather new memeber of your organization, and i must say that it is refreshing to find a group of people dedicated to the issues which are too often swept out of sight by the corporations with dollar-sign eyes and the politicians who are of necessity egomaniacs. That being said, i believe calling on the government to force the issue of exiting our troops from Iraq is irresponsible, a bit impetuous, and altogether impossible when considering the cataclysmic events which would follow in Iraq soon after we evacuate.

Those of us in this organization are likely the kind of people who knew immediately that the term ‘preventitive warfare’ is nothing if not hypocrisy, which in an evenly balanced world would have seen us getting a taste of our own medicine as soon as we invented the phrase, and we did not believe the war was right for innumerable reasons which will surely be illuminated to a fuller extent in the near future by some enterprising journalist.

That being said, our voices were not enough to halt the war machine from revving its gas-guzzling engine, in the short span they were allowed to voice opinion at all between the allegations and the mobilization. And now that we have gone to the middle east, who have much less than we do – materially – and took what little infrastructure they had away with civilian-killing missles fired from far away by pasty men in suits they are a bit too proud of, it would not be right for us to pull out and leave the Iraqis to the influx of militant islamists who are as likely to enter the nascent state as soon as our backs are turned as we are to depart Iraq only once we have the oil propects sized up and turned into U.S. property.

I ask, as a member of this organization, that the call to government for the exit of our troops in Iraq be pulled due to the possible isolationist shadow it would cast on America to the rest of the world, a shadow already darker than at any other time in our nations history, and the lack of humanitarianism it represents when paired with the inevitable defenselessness of a tyranny-turned-fledgling-democracy surrounded by militant extremists, just beginning its long road to self-sufficiency.

Our leaders made their citizens pay the price of Iraqi freedom, and the price was not one evenly split if our lost were weighed with the lost civilians of Iraq. No self-respecting nation can invade a country, destroy it, and pull out when the fun stuff’s done twice in a thirty-year span and not expect to get a reputation for that kind of thing. That is exactly what would happen if we pulled out of Iraq now.