September 2005

This semester finds me embarking on an independent study in my hometown of Asheville, taking a broad range of fascinating courses.

From the excavation in Mochlos, Crete, Greece over the summer is derived both the study of the methodology and method in practice of archeology, as well as the study of Minoan history from the neolothic sequence to the catastrophe.

At A-B Technical community college I’m taking Trigonometry as part of a dual enrollment I began in pursuit of an associates in science.

The boatbuilding class I’m taking is focused on the practical methods of constructing wooden boats, and my Russian literature course is meant to inform my general knowledge of the subject in that Ruskie subcategory which is sorely lacking.

Finally, an exploration into the beginnings of chinese history will inform my approach to the coun try when I am there next spring.

World as if you are a traveller, a passerby, with your clothes and shoes full of dust.
Sometimes you sit under the shade of a tree, sometimes oyu walk through the desert.
Be always a passerby, for this is not home.

Go then, you and I,
as the evening spreads out against the sky,
like a patient etherised upon a table,
let us go through certain half deserted streets,
the muttering
of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
and saw-dust restaurants with oyster shells.

This is the website of Josiah Ramsay Johnston, otherwise known as Mr. Baker, a traveller on a road with a backpack and a friend walking towards a place in a time on a world towards a destiny that is something i like to hate to think about but in the end i know i have to.