Updating my last journal post, ive finished my studies of Minoan history as well as the study of Archeology, both of which were quite fascinating and the former of the two being the singularly most tedious historical study i have ever pursued due to the nature of the chronological evidence which must be evaluated and put into context – while this has been many times, each facet must be appraised by the interested individual and cast in the light of his/her own tacit understanding in order for it to attain some significance as other than the mere fancy of an egomaniac.
The trig course is going well: ive managed to scrape a 89% test average out of it so far, and its halfway completed.
Russian literature is beautiful, broad, expressive emotionally, precise, and any other explitives one can think of to attach to the only literature which can as a rule be used as a doorstop, and which is also enjoyable, in a train ride kind of way.
Junior research project – interesting, informative as far as sources are concerned, but perhaps aimed at a level a bit below wht im used to being considered as…though perhaps that a good thing.
And finally, boatbuilding….got the proposal in the works up at Warren Wilson, there considering whether or not i should have some free lumber for the construction of my 8.5 foot dinghy.
Thats the curriculum as it now stands – lets see if i can get it any more complicated!