More on primal unitiy or tonal center

A comment I  received inspired me to write another post about tonal centers. Generators, electric lights, and signs have a recordable pitch. A study was done by Murray Shaefer in a small town in Sweden where he plotted these frequencies on a sound map. He found that these pitches created a G sharp major triad. Furthurmore, when a train went by he found that the whistle was a F sharp creating a dominant 7th chord. I have not yet recorded the pitches around Kyoto, but I intend to. Kyoto may very well be in a tuned to a minor key. More on this as it develops… 

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apc33 Says:

How will you record pitches? That is, after you make a recording, how will you be able to determine the precise frequency at which the sound vibrates? Is there a special device for that?

February 16th, 2006 at 5:05 am

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