Ayme Frye
Chicago, Illinois

Flamenco Guitar - Tomas de Utrera
Voice and Theory - Kelan Phil Cohran
Classical Voice- Levan Dumas
Blues Guitar - Rockin Johnny Bergin
Djembe and Conga- Hameed Drake

University of Illinois at Chicago Music/ Theatre/ Anthropology

Long Island University-
Friends World Program-
Costa Rica, Japan Ethnomusicology, Spanish, Japanese

Johnny LaRue
Texas Love
Child Slave Hearts
Triple Hommer
Rhetta’s Radio
Phoenix 68

I am a musician from Chicago and am currently living in Kyoto, Japan.
I am studying the changing soundscapes of Japan, their influence on music and the effects of sounds and frequencies on the human body. I also have interest in Blues, Flamenco guitar, Dance, Aikido, Journalism and of course, Rock and Roll. I will be collecting soundbites from all over Japan during my stay here and will be podcasting the results of my study on a weekly basis.