Kyotos tonal frequency

The buzz of heaters, computers, lights and air conditioners all have a frequency based on the type of alternating current a given location runs on. Japan runs on 50 cycles per second, in other words 50hz. Therefore, if A is tuned to 440hz Kyoto’s tonal frequency would be G sharp. 

       James L. Oschman, author of Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis, has researched the medical effects of extremely low frequencies (ELF) on the human body. ELF are defined as being 100hz or less. He speaks of brain wave frequencies which are as follows:Delta 1/3-4 Hz, Theta 4-7Hz, Alpha 8-14Hz, and Beta 14-50Hz.

       Most of these frequencies are subsonic or out of the audible range for the human ear which begins at 16Hz.The higher frequency Beta waves are associated with intense activation of the nervous system or tension.

         How does this constant audible hum at 50Hz affect those who hear it??


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Aaron Campbell Says:

G sharp sounds about right. Isn’t that the same as an A flat? Kyoto is definitely a minor key.

February 11th, 2006 at 5:46 am

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