Computers and Nature

In modern society computers have become so much a part of our lives that the familiarity of their sounds has become a pleasant addition to the soundscape. On the Blog Sonic Walden, I found these quotes:

      “Further, participants described natural settings, when directly asked to identify their favorite listening place(s). I have included a couple of journal entries that begin to illustrate how the computer is converging into our natural soundscapes - sounds glide (rather than collide) into one another within the sonic theater of our mind.”

“While I was in the computer lab today, I was transported into the woods. As I sat typing, I became aware of the hum that the computers made. This sound remarkably resembled the sound of crickets singing their nightly songs in a rural area. I began to think about fishing at my Grandfather’s farm and the sound of wilderness that surrounds the area.”

“I heard the sound of my computer, vehicles passing by on this very quiet night. The sound of the vehicles on this empty road reminds me of the place where I came from. There, many street sellers displayed their merchandise with coconut oil lamps. This sound makes me feel peaceful and calm. ”

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Natalie Says:

When I think of the hum of computers in a computer lab I think of flourescent lights and being at school and being hungry because there wasn’t any food allowed in the computer lab.

February 14th, 2006 at 5:11 am

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