I am not alone!!!

Finally the day has come! I now know that there are people like me out there. And now there is a place that helps us all…….. stay away from one another. It’s called isolatr. Check it out and join the masses of people using new Internet technology to remain as distant as […]

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Technical Update

For all of those people out there biting their nails as my blog evolves, I would like to describe some of the changes that I have made to my site. Well really I just want to archive my progress as my blog tweaking skills grow.
Recently I installed the Live Comment Preview plugin. If […]

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Otanjoubi omedettou gozaimasu aka Happy B-day

After returning to Aikido last week I was welcomed with very open arms. After class I was invited to Nabe party at one of my classmate’s homes the next night. The following night was the birthday party of the head of our dojo. He turned 64. I was unable to attend the […]

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coComment!: Part deux

I just found out that there is a small problem with the compatibility of coComment! with my blog theme Hemingway. So those of you wishing to track the riveting conversations in the comments of my posts will have to wait a bit. The theme developer is looking into it. Please continue to […]

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