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February 13, 2006

Sushi: a Japanese tradition

Last night I was treated to the “quintessential Japanese experience:” a soak in an onsen preceded by a meal at a sushi-ya. Among other indescribables I enjoyed octopus heads, blowfish caviar, and more octopus heads. Delicious. Luckily I had seen this video a couple days previously, thereby saving myself some awkward moments of gaijin impropriety.

Thanks to the Japanese comedy group ラーメンズ (Rahmens), for producing such a hilarious parody. Unfortunately the only websites that mention them are all in Japanese, so if you can read Japanese, by all means, どうぞ。

3 Responses to “Sushi: a Japanese tradition”

  1. kimmy said:

    Nice! Have you tried fish sperm yet! AS far AS I know, it is not eaten raw, but hey as I know, my knowledge of Japan does not span so long. Just the sound of it made me ICK, so of coarse I ate it. With out mustard mind you! It rocks, I love. My friend put it too me like this. ” If you like fish eggs, why not try men fish eggs”. This sounds more palatable then sperm,YUP, so I tried it! YUM

  2. mitz said:

    rahmens is one of my favorite. their skits are so surreal. they have this one called, Japaenese lesson in Italy. and they pretend like they are italians learning japanese. so funny.

  3. nstanchfield said:

    damn that sounds hilarious. I want to find more of their videos! if I find any more I will post them..

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