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February 21, 2006

Let’s go to Guam!

So the other night I was thinking, why don’t people go to Guam on vacation more often? I mean isn’t it a U.S. territory and it’s tropical right? But I never hear about people going there. Curious, I did a little googling.

Blazing ahead, I found the Guam page , Guam-online, which insists that

However, the widely held belief that Guam is one big military post is far from accurate. Guam has much to offer and visitors can spend their entire time without seeing any military presence, if that is their desire.

Guam’s number one industry is tourism, actually. So you could have a totally epic holiday: laying around on beaches, hiking (they call it “boonie stomping”), or taking in a little of the local culture. Guam is pretty fresh.

The indigenous people of Guam, the Chamorro , have a matriarchal society. When the Spanish arrived on Guam and took over, they didn’t catch on to the fact that the women had the real power and only conducted their dealings with Chamorro men. Because their society was organized this way, their culture was able to avoid erasure, passed down among the women.

So let’s go to Guam! I’m serious! You can get a huge apartment for like nothing! And pretend you’re a colonialist!

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2 Responses to “Let’s go to Guam!”

  1. jdoolittle said:

    I’m down. Let’s plan on it for sure. W00t!

  2. kimmy said:

    Hi Natalie, I would like to link to this pillow fight article on my blog but I am not sure how to do this. Do you have any ideas? thanks.

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