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December 31, 1969

Hello world!

Here I am! My first blog. I just want to say the Guitar Wolf is the loudest band known to the universe and my ears are blown out.
Rock n Roll

4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. James said:

    I have still yet to hear them!

  2. apc33 said:

    When you write about someone or some group, you should always link to them, like this: Guitar Wolf.

    Hope your ears heal.

  3. nstanchfield said:

    so like this: http://www.guitarwolf.net/
    check out Guitar Wolf’s motivational message, updated weekly! check it out under “Seiji’s Voice.”

  4. superfrye said:

    give everything
    hmmm, i hope i gave everything this week or i might regret it…

    i did

    guitar wolf rocks
    by the way he plays a gibson sg it is a very loud guitar angus young from ac dc has one too

    just thought you might like to know

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