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February 4, 2006

Blogging an E-mail

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Today I wrote an e-mail to Becky using links, like I am doing during this very blog.  It made writing the e-mail more fun because if I was unsure whether or not she would know of something or someone in my e-mail, I just linked to that thing or person.  For example, I told her about a dream I had where Christopher Walken was a conquistador.  I linked “Christopher Walken” to a page listing his works from Internet Movie Data Base, and conquistador to a web site about Spanish Conquistadors.  Not only did writing in this way serve as a means of information, it was also fun.  I linked normal words to online dictionary definitions and wikipedia entries.  I wrote about a friend of ours and linked to a picture of her on my blog.  I did it using gmail, but I bet other mail services enable linking as well.  I strongly recommend that everyone try it.

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    Blogging An E-mail…

    Sometimes it’s the simple things…….

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