James Doolittle

January 21, 2006

The Purpose

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Word on the street is that blogging is an effective conversation tool. I’m going to try to use it to converse with my peers about classes, research projects, and other assignments while establishing a social web. And I’m like the spider in that web… nesting, wating for those net surfers to hit it, and hit it hard… then I’ll wrap you up in a dizzy of discourse so like venom that you will grow into a will to stay… and converse!

I am a student in Japan, working through an American study-abroad progam called Friends World. It’s run out of the Long Island University Brooklyn Campus in New York, and, contrary to popular assumption, I have never set foot on this campus and have no intention to until my final semester for Friends World’s Senior Capstone Program, which consist, from what I’ve heard, of career management, senior thesis completion, and a chance to take conventional college courses.

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