James Doolittle

February 3, 2006

Reconnecting with old favorites

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Over the past few days, I’ve written to a bunch of people dear to my heart. Sounds cheesy, I know (but if you really know me, you know my flavor for things cheesy), but the feeling of writing to them and even talking to some of them was most enjoyable. Among them, I wrote to Maddy, a friend from my days teaching at Isikent in Izmir, my mother, my father, Friends World’s own Kyle Weiner, and a few of my homies from LEAPYear.

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  1. the geoffenstein Says:

    I re-checked my inbox just to be sure and no, I did not receive an email from you, so I guess I’m not that dear to your heart after all. Woe, despair, and general upset-like-ness become me. No, not really. Psych!

    Miss ya lots, James. I took Jason and Jen to see my brother’s comedy show tonight downtown and we had a great time. I hope that in your next pass through these here United States, you get a chance to stop by the city of new york.

    Always reasonable, always Alexander,

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