James Doolittle

February 3, 2006

shiga and the big two zero

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Homestay Family

This is my homestay family from Shiga. I visited them last semester, and I’m going to visit them on the 24th of February… Ten days after I turn 20! I’m looking forward to being older because that will enable me to buy a ketai because in Japan you’re not a person until you’re 20. It’s a little unerving because in America, you get to be a person after you turn 18, so I’ve been walking around with the false illusion that I was an adult when I was really a child. Weird the way the world works. All that will be solved, though, in a matter of weeks.

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  1. Aaron Says:

    What gets me is the bassackward way in which we come of age in the States.

    Hey, I wish I could click a link to that photo and see an enlargement.

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