Well, this semester is wrapping itself up nicely, im looking into starting a rotary club in Hangzhou, if its possible, affiliated with Zhenjijang Uni. and the Friend’s World Center there, with the hopes of fostering a bit of intercommunity involvement and increasing the amount of interaction between the Chinese community and the foreign students…though i dont have any clue what it will be like yet….
Looking at Fulbright fellowship options for my proposal, thinking about ways of researching the preservation of cultural identity in endangered regions such as Tibet and Central Asia.
The boat is coming along, the portfolio is almost complete, rents payed, presents arent wrapped, China’s planned, the proposal for the local newspaper has been sent in, and im waiting on my student visa app. from china to begin to feel comfortable in my arrangement of arrangements.
Blogging offers the one true creative impulse free reign: narcissism.