While the figures confirm that over the last ten years has doubled the number of members of professional associations (now there are two million two hundred professionals in Italy), on the other hand are highlighted objective difficulties, especially in the South, in supporting young professionals.

“Our country is in crisis in the early 2000s when it began to block the growth of labor”, said Maurizio Ricci, magnificent Rector of the University of Foggia, “as well as talk about comfortable sandals. 18 you should invest heavily in research and development, to focus on the assets of our country, such as cultural or tourist”. And yet the need to coordinate important factors such as career guidance, training and mediation between demand and supply of labor, and to promote a culture of enterprise and the rule of law.


Important aspects especially in the province of Foggia, where there is the highest rate of female unemployment and the higher incidence of young people not in education or work. To make a picture of the situation linked to the territory was Gape Insert , executive Labor Policies Province of Foggia, which highlighted the poor adhesion of young people to the opportunities and tools proposed by the Region of Puglia, such as the calls’ Nests’ and ‘Warranty young people ‘. Hence the need to put in place anti-crisis strategies and strive to work in a network.

Last but not least the issues related to moonlighting and racketeering, phenomena that constrain enterprise births especially in our area. A stress was Fabio Precap , president of the Chamber of Commerce of Foggia, which made ​​it stand out problematic guess sandals, such as infrastructure and broadband, which penalizes businesses of the South.

Hence the need, increasingly, to unite and dictate the guidelines of development. Because, as it emerged from the round table, to encourage firms to invest in Italy is not enough to eliminate Article 18 but you need to address important issues such as education, security, justice, and infrastructure.

The Foggia Professional Expo continues Thursday, October 9th with a double appointment: at 9.30 the panel discussion on ‘Role and protection of the professions’ and that at 16.00 on ‘Health and welfare’.

It should be noted that within the Foggia Professional Expo, please visit the photo exhibition “Architecture is for everyone” realized by the Culture Committee of the Order of Architects of the Province of Foggia.

Say It Sassy

For the former Arcandor CEO Thomas Middelhoff the prosecutor in the infidelity process has called for a sentence of three years and three months before the Essen District Court.The 61-year-old had violated its fiduciary duties and harmed the now bankrupt previous consolidated in 44 cases.From the perspective of this prosecutor justified the accusation of serious infidelity.Middelhoff’s defense announced its intention to plead not guilty in the coming week.

Middelhoff have loaded the Karstadt Quelle Group “at will” with its numerous external costs sideline, prosecutor Helmut Fuhrmann said Thursday in his plea.When traveling with Arcandor and also with private visits, the costs would have to be at least divided.

Mainly it comes to flights with charter flights, which were paid by Arcandor, according to the prosecutor believes but were wholly or partly caused private.So the manager in New York have perceived from the Supervisory Board of the “New York Times” regularly.If Middelhoff occupations on deadlines and time constraints, this was in many cases not attributable to Arcandor, but its numerous external mandates, argued the prosecution.

Once he brought it to pass a charter airlines just so empty from Cologne to Boston (USA) in order to start a few hours earlier in the weekend can.Also flights to his holiday home in Saint-Tropez in the South of France he can settle business.Middelhoff had changed his pleas brookstone pocket projector on several occasions, his statements were partly inconclusive or to be regarded as purely protective assertions, the prosecutor.Middelhoff had firmly rejected the allegations.


Also, a commemorative and a symposium for Ex-Bertelsmann CEO Mark Woessner – a former mentors – would have had no use for the distressed company Arcandor, said the prosecutor.In the indictment, they had the manager accused of a total of 49 cases of infidelity with a total amount of 1.1 million euros. He has become full, especially on the face, looks well fed, well trained.155 days in space have the German astronaut Alexander Gerst left their mark. Luckily for him, however, the 38-year-old does not have to last long: On November 10, it will go back to Earth.

But Gerst sees the impending return flight quite ambiguous – with a mixture of anticipation for the earth and sadness at parting, he said on Thursday. Since the geophysicist pocket projector review has for the last time asking questions of journalists who were the ISS switched from the control center in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich.

Has he really grown? Gerst laughs. “No, the stronger expression on the face is merely the result of a normal physiological response.” The human legs are used to push fluid in the body upwards. You also do not listen to it if the force of gravity – as on the ISS – will be permanently switched off. The result is a slightly puffy face. Its mass, insured Gerst, had remained the same.

The two and a half hours of exercise a day, which is required to complete each astronaut have, nevertheless left their mark. The muscles, especially the thigh, have risen by frequent cycling. Other muscle groups were removed with safety, says Gerstein. “Which they are, I will feel in a few days after returning to Earth.” He still smiles at the thought.

Another One?

Let’s won the lead finally in-house site, and actually though were prepared best Bluetooth keyboard is gearing up, does not lead easily to lead the keyboard for ipad 2 and purchasing though there is the number of site visitors, and I think often the case that . Prospects from site visitors, what should I do to the customer from prospect?


In order to continue to prospects and customers who had come to visit to their site, it is important to continue to focus on conversion. Not only in order to increase the conversion to prepare the following three, and the PDCA cycle while evaluating the whole process is very important to make will increase the effect.

  1. To prepare an attractive offer (such as eBook and free trial) for prospects.
    2. I installed the CTA in the site.
    3. I ask them to form input from the landing page.

To nurture the lead in the combined message to the interest of prospective customers

I think in people of marketers often think of the “Step-mail” or “targeting mail” when I heard a “lead donor Charing”?

“Step-mail” or “targeting mail” I do not wrong as a method of lead donor tea ring, but I think this not than come a lot of people effect does not come out of the company in charge, such as think only? Instead of just sending e-mail to the target, “sent to each at the optimum timing related valuable high message to read, potential customers and the relationship between ongoing development” of the lead donor Charing process is. (Recently, in order to distinguish it from the conventional lead donor Charing “drip marketing drip marketing” have come out a new word.) eventually that prospective customers will closely related to its or their business In order to get self-selection, so always try to implement a lead donor tea ring at the thought that it provides the necessary information more attentive.

In addition, lead donor tea ring does not need to be limited to the communication of E-mail only. If you thought the axis the behavior of people has become a lead, it is also feasible in social media and other platforms. Best way from their customer image and persona you may want to consider something.

It is to try to analyze the strategy

In Internet marketing, it is possible to be analyzed numerically. Simply only reports the numeric value does not result in the analysis. Based on the results of the numerical value, and identify the improvements, if necessary it is important to go the PDCA review and how improvements and lead donor tea ring of the web site. Even if you review the improvements, unless Ika to improve on the basis of the strategy such as “what of it whether Saito want to improve visitors of thing you want to increase the? The blog of visitors a thing to be converted to lead?”, also will have no effect as the great pains to improve the (such thing as).

In addition, it is also important to set specific goals. For example, let’s possible to set specific goals and the period, such as “the lead of the web site increase the X-Men in the next X days”.

How does it all work?

Organized sports for kids is getting out of hand. At five years old kids are in organized sports with all the structure of a college football league. You have to outfit the kids with all the equipment. If for example they are into football then you have to buy the uniform pads helmet and shoes. All of this costs hundreds of dollars and your kids will outgrow it all every six months. So then what do you do? Also during the season you have to take them to practice every other day and god forbid you bring them late. You would think they are in the military and you need to be on time every day. Many of the coaches are great but you will come across one who thinks they are a professional team and they try to give that impression. I told one he will not try to relive their failed sports career through my son. Also they wanted my son to focus and play only one sport year round. I told them they do not get the concept of sports for kids. I encouraged my son to play all sports and enjoy all sports and do not play them with the only focus to get on a college team. I have seen the results and those year round one sports kids now do not play any sports in their later years. In contrast my son still enjoys playing basketball, baseball, lacross, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, ice skating, golf and long distance running. As a result also he is in good shape. His friends who focused on one sport now do not do any of them and are fat. He still has his etnies sheckler and his etnies fader shoes.

So lets let kids be kids and let them make their own play at that young age. They will be more creative and they will enjoy sports for the rest of their life.

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I Have Chosen

“The region with the biggest change is in Latin America,” said the WEF that said that if you add North and Central America is the only continent where no country saw an increase in gender inequality from the 2013 report. There are cases, such as Brazil, which dropped nine positions to number 71, but not for himself but for worsening salient improvements of other nations.

In that sense, global foundation, known for its annual assembly in Davos He highlighted Brazil “have successfully closed their gender gaps related to educational attainment, health and survival.” A similar situation occurred with Mexico fell to 80th as a result of reducing the representation of women in politics, but this was offset by improvements in gaps in the labor force participation and income. Globally, the boxing gear also highlighted that there is a greater participation of women in politics and in the labor market, although insufficient to cause a change radical gender inequality, at this rate, would remain until 2095.


The report said the six countries that worsened their situation compared to last year’s report are Sri Lanka in Asia, Africa Mali, Croatia and Macedonia in Europe. And Jordan and Tunisia in the Middle East is precisely the latter region and North Africa are the worst placed with the most unequal countries, including closing the list: Syria, Chad, Pakistan and Yemen.

The top-ranked country in the area Kuwait is newly in post 113, which climbed by a slight increase in the distribution of profits and the UAE, at 115, also by a small increase in economic and political participation. The research was conducted on hand wraps for boxing 142 countries and indicators taken as the gap between men and women on topics such as health, education, economics and politics. “His goal is to understand whether countries are distributing their resources and opportunities equitably, regardless of their level of total income” He said the foundation founded in 1971.

With an investment of 160 million pesos, the Criminal Justice Center in Saltillo, where the new adversarial criminal justice system is adversarial and impart opened.

It is the largest of the Republic and will have 10 rooms oral trials, media room, protected witness four meeting, boardroom, training room, site area for voice and data, audio and video.

Lament in Latin America

The film is narrated from a third- person point of view; the best work shirts

makes the film formal and informational rather than focusing on high entertainment value. In Part I, tilted “How We Got Here”, it becomes clear that the film considers investment banks to be the antagonists of the story, riddled with greed and self- interest.

Part II of the film, titled “The Bubble: 2001-2007” employs charts and graphs to aid viewers in contextualizing the statistics, numbers, and figures being delivered. In addition, this section of the film arranges montages of wrongdoers from Wall Street on- trial, struggling to vindicate themselves and often stumbling over their own greed and arrogance. These montages are meant to discredit officials, but do so in a way that is non- aggressive. This allows viewers to create their own meaning of the politicians’ gaffs. Part III, “The Crisis”, also uses bar graphs to illustrate evidence of the incredible spike in foreclosures nationwide. While bar graphs are often misleading in structure, the film uses appropriate graphs, although they disappear from the screen quickly. A powerful montage is also depicted, with sad music setting the mood for the following shots of halted construction on half built buildings, unkempt residential streets, and lock boxes on homes. The montage is appropriate for the content it is meant represent; the film reports six million foreclosures in 2010.

In the final section, “Part IV: Accountability”, a bar chart displays the billions of dollars that the top five Lehman Brothers executives made from 2001-2007. This use of a bar graph successfully serves as evidence to the assertion that big bankers are responsible for the wealth gap in America.

Inside Job further provides evidence by taking note when a bank official refuses interviews. Among those who refuse interview are Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, Tim Geitner, Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Laura Tyson, the CEO of Goldman Sachs’, and all of the Goldman Sachs senior executives. Furthermore, both the presidents of Harvard and of Columbia refused to comment on academic conflicts of interest and refused to be interview.

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