Being mindful is cool. It is a trend, just like yoga. Entering a Mindfulness center can be like coming home, for anyone who sees themselves as a well-being guru. Some say the best way to understand mindfulness and what it truly means is to join in a chocolate meditation. Mindfulness is being in a state of mind that is present and now, constantly being aware of our thoughts and the way we feel so that we are able to manage our feelings without being overwhelmed by them. By using meditation and several other techniques, such as yoga or breathing exercises, this helps us to focus on ourselves and then others, not only with acceptance, but also with kindness. Finding our inner place of calm is as irresistible as finding chocolate.

Regardless of how busy or frantic our lives may be, there are many mindfulness meditations that have been specifically designed to guide us to a place of inner calm. The chocolate meditation is done by each person unwrapping a chocolate with their eyes shut, and inhaling the aroma of it. Then they look at the chocolate and then eat it. As they create a pocket of space in which they enjoy moments of sensory awareness they become mindful. If you stop and think about what you are doing, something that is quite unremarkable and usually rushed, becomes an experience that is pleasurable. It becomes almost like Charlie finding the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You will enjoy the chocolate much more than you normally would. You are actually creating some sort of holiday atmosphere in the moment.

Mindfulness may be a current trend, but it is also a rooted, respected and approved science that is used as a treatment for Clinical Depression. It is most often combined with the technique of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This challenges people in the way they act and think and mindfulness will help develop skills that prevent a relapse. Practicing many moments of mindfulness would then amount to a whole box of chocolates. This approach was first developed in the 1990s and is considered as the first genuine preventative treatment in serious depression. Since depression often recurs, it is the aim of this technique to teach people these skills while they are well, so that they can apply them when depression returns.

These techniques have proved to half the risk of depression that has occurred in some of the most debilitating forms. Brain patterns are also positively affected by underlying the daily stress, anxiety irritability and depression, so that people can more easily deal with these issues when they arise. There is much scientific and clinical evidence to support these facts. Recent research showed that by meditating for at least half an hour daily, for a period of eight weeks the Grey matter in the area of the hippocampus can increase. This is the area of the brain that is associated to empathy, stress, memory and the ability to recognize and share feelings with other individuals. Mindfulness is not only for those who suffer from depression, but also for anyone who wants to manage their stress.

Mindfulness Is Like A Box of Chocolates

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It is not enough to narrate about breathtaking action-packed experiences if you cannot back them up with visual proof. Sometimes it is hard to picture a person flying mid air during a bungee jump, or being spun 12 feet into the air by a mighty wave while surfing. This is where an action sport camera comes to the rescue. This gadget is a marvel at what it does. Today, thanks to these relatively small gadgets, action lovers such as wind surfers, mountain climbers, bikers, trail hikers, swimmers, and many other adventurers can capture all their death-defying stunts in high definition, and without even breaking a sweat. One of the reasons why these cameras have become increasingly popular is because they allow for first person motion capture. This means that you can capture your own experiences and action how and when you want it.

Advanced video and photography technology allows even the most novice users to take advantage of the robust features that are packed inside action sport cameras. Some attractive features include high definition (HD) image and video capture, slow motion capture, LCD screens to preview captured images and video, as well as rotating lenses and innovative video modes such as flashbacks.The action sport camera industry has been dominated by veteran manufacturer, GoPro with models such as the Hero series (3, 3+ and 4). However, due to their increased demand, other players are slowly catching up with each one of them promising a unique experience from the products they’re offering. These include manufactures such as Sony, Garmin and Drift. In fact, recent reviews suggest that as recent as 2013, the best action sport camera was the Drift HD Ghost from one of GoPro’s major competitors.

Most action sport cameras will retail for as low as $99.9 while the high-end once may cost you as high as $1000. For nonprofessionals and those who simply want to capture the adrenaline-filled moments and enjoy them later with friends and family, then the very basic action cameras will get the job done without having to pay a fortune for the device. What more, these cameras continue to reduce in size, which meaning that most are lightweight and one can move around with them comfortably without having to acquire extra carrying space. Owning one is relatively easy as they are readily available in popular online stores such as B&H, Amazon, eBay, among others. Reliving those adrenalin-packed sports moments gets easier by the day.

Capturing the Action: The Dawn of Action Sport Cameras

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The Dirt bike gloves are outstanding all-around bike
gloves, extraordinary enough for nothing out of pocket riding without being
pointless excess on the single-track. A cushioned palm keeps these gloves from
being beat in case you use it on a lose corner, and the cushioned knuckles
guarantee you don’t seem, by all accounts, to be generally as you basically
completed a bar battle after a horrendous wreck.

Singular viewpoint

I’ve had a few these Dirt bike gloves for a couple
of years; they’re satisfying and give staggering insurance to when you do hit
the earth/ street. These give brain blowing security; the rule time I
absolutely put it under bona-fide examination was a fair speed slide out on the
town, brushed my legs through long jeans yet just left a few scratch stamps on
the gloves. They offer some warmth for when its icy and aren’t an excess of
appalling in summer. My first match kept going around 3 years – a common drive
out on the town and weekend mountain bike rides and when I lost them I purchased
a trade pair. They’re one of the best bits of cycling pack I have!


These sorts of men’s Dirt bike gloves have an
appropriate feel with strong and versatile protection from the tumbles. This
glove has been thought to be much saving with respect to skin security in the
occasion of a slipping movement. The dirt bike gloves moreover have a tolerable
improvement and can by and large be used in the midst of the winter and appear
to improve security quality while wet. The glove has a tolerable venting, is of
poor and moderate expense, has an extraordinary look and gives incredible hold
with flawless fit. For example, they can fit any odd-shaped hands amenably.
Quality is also their key quality. I’ve had these pair of dirt bike gloves for
a year. I’ve ridden around 1,500 miles with them, wrecked commonly with no
slices to my hands, I utilize them as my shooting gloves, and I even wore them
through Tough Muddy conditions. As such, the primary rule harm is that one of
the flexible zones on the knuckles has begun to come weakened.


These pair of gloves can’t allow use of touch screen
phones. They have a Velcro that loses its stay after some few years and has an
inclination of its flexible knuckles getting withdrawn. Every one sets of the
gloves neglects to offer the terry fabric clamminess clear part that other bike
gloves have.


Generally, these are great gloves. They’re
phenomenally amiable and they offer extraordinary insurance. On the off chance
that I ever wear these out I will be gaining an indistinct pair.

Dirt Bike Gloves

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As a man, the kind of watch you wear says a lot about you. Investing in a high-quality leather watch is only the easiest part of owning a watch. After you’ve made your purchase, you will have to invest your time and money to keep your watch in good condition all year round. Here are a few tips on how to go about caring for your leather time-piece.

Protect Your Watch From Direct Sunlight And Heat

Direct heat and sunlight are not good for your leather watch just like they’re not good for you. If you love your watch, you need to see to it that it is never exposed to direct sunlight or placed near a direct source of heat.

It is common practice for some men to put their watches on a radiator with the intention of making it dry faster. It is not advisable to do this because the heat from the radiator can crack the leather and increase the rate at which it breaks down.

Invest In A Leather Conditioner

Investing in a leather watch should be accompanied by a similar investment in a leather conditioner for wiping the straps. Being the most important component of your leather watch, the straps need to be taken care of well.

You should apply the conditioner on the watch straps at least monthly. This will help to reduce the chances that the leather on your straps will crack.

Wear Your Watch Loosely

You can also prevent damage to leather watches by ensuring that there is circulation of air between the leather straps and your skin. This simply means that you should wear the watch loosely as opposed to having it tight on your skin. Doing this will go a long way in reducing the chances of cracks on your leather straps.

Even the best men’s leather watches have to be taken care of well if they’re to maintain their aesthetic value. There are no two ways about it.

How To Take Care Of Your Leather Watch

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Entertaining a three year old can be a careful balancing act, as they sway from seeming to need our attention and help with every task, to demanding independence and free choice. These five simple activities for three year olds require very little in terms of resources, and most of all, are fun for you and your child:

1) Cutting and sticking. You need scissors, glue and junk mail. Give your child the junk mail. Look at any pictures, talk about the colors and any letters they can recognize. Show how to hold and use the scissors to cut out letters and pictures. Then allow him to cut to his hearts content. He may be satisfied with cutting, or might be ready to have a go at sticking, either to a piece of plain paper, or just sticking cut pieces of junk mail together.

2) Carton train – connect a few cardboard cartons together with short lengths of wool or string to make a train. Encourage your three year old to find teddies or toys for a trip in her “train” and then let her imagination take the lead.

3) Big paper drawing – get a large piece of paper. You can get rolls of drawing paper, parcel paper or lining wallpaper. Use pens or crayons to make huge pictures together. Draw around hands and feet, make patterns. Take inspiration from the season or your surroundings.

4) Walkabout – Go out for a walk. Keep the walk fairly short to maintain their enthusiasm. Three year olds are interested in everything, so take your time, point out the washing blowing in the wind, the mail boxes, the new displays in the stores, or whatever catches your eye.

5) Home gym class – you don’t need to pay out for a gym class. Draw or tape a line on the floor for your three year old to balance along. Lay out place mats as stepping stones to jump between. Use a large soft rug and show different ways of rolling. Ask him to stand on one leg, balance on hands and feet, move backwards, jump and skip.

Activities like these keep your child constantly learning, trying new things and developing physically and mentally, have fun!

5 Quick And Easy Activities For 3 Year Olds

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I love to run. I also coach others on running. My specialty is long-distance running. I find the most common problem with people just starting out in running is that they often have the wrong shoes. When the shoes are not appropriate, the runner can risk injuring himself. He can end up having foot and leg pains after a long run. Personally, for anyone who asks me about the perfect shoes for running Asics would be the brand I recommend.

Why Asics? I like their special gel technology in their running shoes. These really provide great cushioning so that your body does not feel as much shock when your foot hits the ground. When you run, each step causes a great impact that affects your whole body. When the impact is properly cushioned, your body will not feel any bad effects.

When looking for shoes designed for running Asics has the best range of styles and designs. You can find shoes fit for any type of feet, even for people who have foot problems like pronation or supination. There are Asics shoes that can accommodate that and offer the runner a more comfortable run.

If you are serious about running, do not skimp on your shoes. Having the right shoes makes all the difference in the world. You will enjoy running more if your feet are comfortable. When I compare my Asics shoes to other brands for running Asics always comes out on top for me. I just like the whole construction of the design. The styles are great, too. I thing Asics really have winning combinations when it comes to style, performance, and comfort. I have a loyal user of Asics for a while, and I don’t see that changing.

If You Enjoy Running Asics Has The Perfect Shoes For You

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So far, the defendant, who has not testified in court, has not explained his motivations.

Researchers suspect that the accused made these injections between 2003 and 2005 to show their talents resuscitation, and that put patients at the brink of death before attempting to revive.

The events began to be investigated when the nurse was surprised by a best hot wheels track when he was injecting a patient with a heart medicine in 2005. Three years later, he was sentenced to seven and a half years and is currently in prison.

In prison, the nurse would have boasted with another arrested for killing 50 patients.

A year ago, the prosecution of Oldenburg resumed investigations and in November a special commission called “Kardio” was formed to investigate suspicious deaths in clinical Oldenburg and in a nursing home in Wilhelmshaven where the nurse performance.

So far, why these multiple murders were discovered before and in the prosecution of hot wheels tracks set is ignored proceedings began against the two heads of the research carried out previously, to rule out any negligence.

In addition, this research has implications aliens because both Earth and Mars, the cracks are common features that magma erupts

In order to investigate the reasons for the eruption of volcanoes and the danger of this type of geological investigations, the NASA created arobot able to explore inside.

The functional prototype VolcanoBot one has been tested successfully with essays on the volcano Kilauea in Hawaii, but NASA wants to try a smaller and lighter version this year.

Investigation of Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA is responsible for the scholarship Parcheta Carolyn, who says that the theme of volcanoes fascinated since childhood. Furthermore, this research has implications for extraterrestrial volcanoes, since both on Earth and Mars , the cracks are the most common physical characteristics by which magma erupts.

First explored this idea last year with two-wheeled robot VolcanoBot 1, with a length of 12 inches and 6.7 inches wheels. VolcanoBot 2 is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, with a length of 10 inches. It has better mobility, as its central vision can be tilted up and down, turn around and look around.

Get Back on Track

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“She’s a real Peach”. The term that was created to describe a sweet woman but is now more often used with sarcasm to describe someone that has a bitter personality. Have you ever wondered why they chose to use a peach in this expression? Have you ever wondered where this term came from? Well I’m going to tell you exactly where it came from, and how it evolved into the expression used today.

Some time ago in a small town called Farmville a farmer was looked to, to save the town by selling his crops and using the money to pay off the pillagers. He grew all sorts of crops and relied on the members of his family to sell them. The problem was that his children were very young and so they could not remember the name of each different crop. So he figured he would tell them a story using each crop as a different character in order to help them recognize the differences. When telling them the story he would always start with the peaches, as they were his most popular crop and this is where he would make the most money. He figured that the waterproof camera was enough, and we were not important to the ability of his children to remember the fruit and so he left that part out.

He told his children vast stories of the veggie tales, and in all of his stories the peaches were known to be the most popular because of how sweet they were. The farmer consistently had trouble with his oldest child forgetting and getting confused so he was sure the other children watched over him when selling. While the other children sold at the market they never forgot the different aspects of the crops, and so they were able to sell while the farmer worked elsewhere. The forgetful child always was making mistakes and so he was made to just sit and watch until he figured out what he was doing. When the farmer would be at the market he would always use the expression, she’s a real peach, when the action camera in conversation and the children picked up on this and would always try, like their father, and use the expression. One day the troubled child was with his father selling and a great big woman came to the market to buy some things. She was waddling her way along and when she came to the boy and his father.

The boy thought he had a chance to show he knew what he was talking about and confidently said to the woman. Wow I’ve never understood what my father was talking about all this time but boy oh boy you really look like a peach. The woman threw a fit and went on yelling an insulting the father and his family. From then on she became known as the town peach, and every time someone gave an attitude in that town they would be known as a “PEACH” just like the woman that day.



The Greatest Fruit

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The accident caused the emergency services arrive on the scene and local officials today confirmed his death. Nijar City Council decreed three days of mourning after confirming the death of Lozano. Mayor Antonio Jesús Rodríguez informed of the possibility of paying tribute to the victim through the installation of your name on any street or town square to express the gratitude of the town.

“It is not clear what type of cable was, if power supply or telephony,” Rodriguez said in reporting the start of an investigation into the case. The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, announced that Pope Francisco asked about the demand for an outlet to the sea for their country and sent him a book on the nike airs cheap subject prepared by the Directorate of Maritime Claim (Diremar) under Foreign Ministry.

Morales spoke about the issue when asked in an interview with state television whether some presidents or the pontiff may mediate the Bolivian claim to Chile for an outlet to the sea. “I requested documentation spent documentation the book was made possible by Diremar and Carlos Mesa was delivered, he asked me, I will not comment in detail on this issue,” said in an interview with the program ‘The People’s News’, which spreads by state media, according to ABI reproduced the agency.

The Government predicted that “almost certain” that this year the pope Francisco visit Bolivia as part of a tour that will fulfill by South American countries, although no date yet specified. That announcement raised concern in Chile before a possible intervention of Pope in the conflict with Bolivia by the sea, after the war of 1879. Since then, Bolivia claimed in various international forums entitled to recover its maritime quality and in 2013 brought the dispute before the Court in The Hague.

Chile anticipated would not accept mediation Francisco by Bolivian demand for access to the sea. Chile will not accept third party mediation in Bolivia demand for sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean, as it is an entirely bilateral issue, Foreign Minister of the country, Heraldo Muñoz said Monday. Statements of Muñoz known after Bolivian President Evo Morales said in an interview over the weekend that the Pope Francis asked background on the subject and outlined a possible involvement of the Pontiff in the dispute.

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In many cases, mayors were warned on the eve that asylum seekers were being transferred to their communities. “In these cases, they do not have enough time to properly communicate with the local avon cosmetic.” A recent survey found that one in eight Germans attend a March “anti-Islamisation” if it were organized in your city. Performed by the Forsa research institute and published last Thursday by Stern magazine, the survey also reveals that 29% of respondents believe that the influence of Islam on life in Germany is so strong that the gears are justified. But in a hard-hitting New Year message, the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans reject Pegida, labeling its members “racist full of hatred.” Germany should welcome people fleeing conflict and war, Merkel said.

Some of the members of his coalition partner, the Christian Social Union (CSU) conservative college Bavarian ally the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), may have less scruples in relation to Pegida.”I’m worried that parts of the CSU can move to the far right, assuming that there should be no party to the right of them,” Schiffauer said. “That would be fatal.”  US President Barack Obama and the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, are cautiously looking for areas of agreement to begin a new chapter of a relationship that probably will stay cold but professional. With the two men trying to position their party for the 2016 elections, which will define Obama’s successor, the president and the majority leader in the Senate will have to find ways to work together if they are to overcome the legislative deadlock and reach agreements on trade, tax and economic issues. It will not be easy. Obama, 53, and McConnell, 72, do not maintain a close relationship and have little in common. McConnell gave a cold tone for the relationship by declaring in 2010 that his priority was how to use bb cream to ensure that Obama was a president of one mandate, a broken dream when the Democrat was re-elected.

Time to face your flaws

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Venezuela remains in 2014 as the second highest murder rate in the world, behind only Honduras and ahead of countries like Jamaica, Colombia, Mexico and Iraq, according to a report released Monday by the NGO Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (SVO). The balance of the NGO says a balance of 82 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure which recognizes SVO as “cases of deaths resisting arrest and death investigations” are included.

“This rate shows a slight increase compared to that reported for 2013, adjusted for the population base of calculation, which indicates that there have been no advances in the control of crime and violence in the country, despite the important announcements and new era baseball developed by the authorities, “the report said.

According to the latter rate in Haiti would have died violently a total of 24,980 people, a figure slightly higher than that of 2013, which was 24.763 people. Venezuela also maintains second place worldwide if a figure of more conservative killings, as the latest issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) is taken: 58 murders per 100,000 inhabitants per year. The estimated Honduras, the most violent country in the world rate is 104 per 100,000, well above countries such as Jamaica (45), Colombia (44) Mexico (22) and Iraq (19).

The SVO, denouncing the “official data of crime and violence that for eleven years the country has had censorship,” says homicidal violence affected Venezuelans “of all social sectors and all political tendencies” and recalls the two most notorious murders of 2014, the former beauty queen actress Monica Spear and her husband at the beginning of January, and deputy Robert Serra in October. “Mourning seized thousands of families mourned their relatives killed without finding new era fitted caps, compensation, or justice,” he adds.

Violent death rates are higher in the metropolitan area of ​​Caracas (about five million) where so far 468 December revenue to the city’s mortuary, an average of 17 per day were recorded. Calculated from the annual figures show a hundred violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Since taking office in April 2013, the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced several plans for disarmament, public safety, improvement of police officers and prison.

How To Improve Your Team Pride

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“I do not know where they are who they are (hackers) or, but we can certainly say that they are supporters and sympathizers of the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the official name of North Korea),” the official news agency North Korea’s KCNA.

“We will take our neutralization boldly into the White House, the Pentagon and the entire continental United States, the cloaca of terrorism, far surpassing the ‘symmetrical neutralization’ declared by Obama,” he added.

Japan, one of the closest US allies in Asia, said he strongly condemned the attack on Sony Pictures , but also refrained from blaming North Korea.

“Japan maintains close contact with the United States and supports the handling of the keurig deskpro case,” Japanese Chief Cabinet Yoshihide Suga told a news conference.

Meanwhile, Obama made ​​the hacking in the context of a crime.

“No, I do not think that was an act of war,” Obama said in the TV show “State of the Union with Candy Crowley” CNN, which was taped Friday and aired on Sunday.


“I think it was an act of computer vandalism that was very expensive, very expensive. We take it very seriously. It will respond in proportion, “he added.

Lightning struck a car and left seven injured in a near Stadium Tampa Bay b130 keurig parking, after they played Sunday against Green Bay, officials and witnesses.

None of the injuries would be serious, according to department spokesman Tampa Fire Rescue, Jason Penny. The beam up stones that hit some people, around 4:00 pm.

“The roar came about the same time that light. It was very noisy, which scared everyone,” said Rudy Hynek, a follower of the Packers. “I’m surprised this has not killed anyone.”

Bruce Kudick, Sarasota, said that apparently the lightning struck a vehicle and “destroyed the top” of it.

“I never saw a ray, only a very sudden flash. It was as if the sound and light had come at once, as if a bomb had exploded,” said the fan of the Packers, who defeated the Buccaneers 20-3.

Big Trouble in Little Korea

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However, the reference is clearly not taken into account that car warranty should be repaired exclusively at authorized dealers – otherwise the machine will go ahead with a warranty. This is confirmed by the head of customer service Ford dealership group “Avilon” Oleg Samohin. According to him, the repair cost is highly dependent on whether the car is under warranty or have descended from her. “The conditions under which the insurance companies work with service stations, are discussed individually. Will there be enough in each case the amount paid for the vans classic of the dealer, is difficult to say.

If the car is under warranty, repairs will cost more, and post-warranty machines with the situation is reversed, “- said Samohin. Head “GlavStrahKontrolya” notes that without the fall of the ruble common reference system raises questions. In particular, according to experts, the prices specified in the catalog shall be the average of the market, but in fact it turns out that rasenki listed in the directory frequently and at the lower limit.


“There are obvious mistakes, for example, when the airbag module is worth 3.45 cents. That is perfectly legitimate insurance companies will show us the directories and say that there is such a specified amount. I believe that the fall of the ruble showed the absurdity of the new CTP system. This will help insurance companies to legalize underpayment insurance customers. However, it has nothing to do with the interests of customers, “- said Tyurnikov.

A new mechanism for receiving payments is only two weeks, so the examples where the motorist would not have enough money to repair the insurance, official dealers do not lead. As planned by the PCA, such situations in the future and should not be: Reference were studied taking into account several parameters. In particular, the cost of parts and labor hours depends on the economic zone.

By and large, the rates that are presented in the catalog SAR are relevant specifically for post-warranty machines. Thus, the cost of the headlamp Range Rover Sport from the official dealer of 46 300 rubles, whereas an authorized service the same canvas shoes for men sold at the price from 33 000 rubles. Buy the item on the internet can be even cheaper – 28 000 – 30 000 thousand rubles. Payments under the CTP, according to the catalog, not enough to buy even the details of the market – in the spotlight SAR estimated at 26,700 rubles.

Bringing Classics Into Modern Time

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Are discussions that remained mainly in the western world, and also collaborate to this longevity, “explains Alessandro de Almeida, a history professor at the Federal Institute North Mine, researcher of the television series.Priscilla Harumi, author of Guide series ( an almanac on the main series of the last 25 years), also points out the acid mood and the good script as points responsible for program best skin care treatment. “It is an attraction well written abusing the politically incorrect. In addition, Hommer character complexities that are explored in the plot make the attraction remains so long in the air, says. ” The reference to different countries in the episodes also contributes to the identification of foreign fans.

The latest season brought the Simpsons back to brazilian lands because of the World Cup. In 2002, Brazil had already been cited in the controversial episode Lisa’s spell, in which the oldest daughter decided to go to Rio de Janeiro to help Ronaldo, an orphan. The problem is that the two chapters were considered controversial by showing a stereotypical Brazil, with monkeys roaming the streets. While in the US the voice of Homer Simpson is the award-winning comedian Dan Castellaneta, in Brazil, the character already had three voice actors – Waldyr Sant ‘anna (1st to 4th seasons after, from 9th to 18th)., Julio Cezar Barreiros (5th to 18th) and the current, Carlos Alberto Vasconcellos, who took over from the 18th season To celebrate the date, Fox Brazil displays Today, as of 21:30, two of the highest-rated episodes of the show, ‘ Pranks and greens‘and’ Lisa takes a spa gel ‘.

abriel Medina in the title race the World Surf Tour (WCT), Mick Fanning already has three trophies on the shelf: he won in 2007, 2009 and 2013. The Australian is often compared to his compatriot Mark Richards, world champion ( 1979, 80, 81 and 82), but minimizes pressure to seek another victory at Pipeline in Hawaii.

Skin like a baby

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It is not fun to get hit by a car.  Trust me I know, I’ve been hit twice by a car while riding my bike on the road.  The first time, and stop me if you’ve heard this before, I was going down a hill and a car pulled out in front of me.  I was traveling about 40 miles per hour and I hit the car on the side as it pulled out.  I flew over my handlebars in the air about 50 feet and landed in the middle of the road.  I knew I had some broken bones but the only thing I can think about was I was afraid I would get run over by a car.  I try to move but my leg was broken and I think my hand as well.  Luckily the traffic stopped and people got out to help me.  I remember one person was an orthopedic Dr. and he had a bathroom wall cabinet when I heard that I thought my luck would change.

He made sure they did not move me until the ambulance came with vanity cabinets and he was able to tell them what was wrong with me.  So off to the hospital they took me two men my broken bones.  During that time the police caught my wife and she thought it was someone soliciting a donation so she hung up on them.  They kept calling back and tell a funny got through and told her what was wrong with me.  I was only in the hospital the day may put me back together and send me home.  I was sore for a few days but soon I was back on my bike.  The second time I got hit by a car it was not so bad it brused up my arms legs and shoulders.  The car that hit me insisted I get an ambulance but I said no and picked up my bike and fix the wheel and took off.  I’m sure the person that was driving the car was happy to see me go.  Now I watched very closely for cars and avoid them.

What Are You Hiding In Your Medicine Cabinet?

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Demonstrators carry a coffin and accuse state authorities to change the version of the death of Don Quintin Ñonté Simon, 62 .  In the driveway of Chivatito elements SSPDF metal fences placed 2.50 meters high, which hinders the passage of the demonstrators. They also formed human barriers to entry vitar protesters.  Don Cipriano Chárrez is in dialogue to allow access for a fee to deliver the request to the Presidency of the Republic.  Chivatito walkway is closed to traffic and road problems are in Paseo de la Reforma by the arrival of the demonstrators.

McLaren announced Thursday the hiring of Spanish driver Fernando Alonso for the petes coffee World Championship 2015, where he will team with Jenson Button. The Dane Kevin Magnussen lost his wheel after one season and will now be the driver test and reserve. The output Alonso of Ferrari and his return to his former team was anticipated. Two-time world champion and Ferrari had been replaced by German Sebastian Vettel, who went to Red Bull. Alonso said one of the main reasons to return to McLaren is that McLaren will use Honda engines, a combination with which dominated the F1 from 1988 to 1992.

“That becomes legend. That’s our goal,” Alonso said in a statement. McLaren had to choose between Button and Magnussen as second pilot, and the British kept his job after beating Magnussen 126-55 points in season 2014. Button, world champion in 2009 with Brawn, handle for the sixth year with McLaren and 16th season in F1, which will make him the most experienced driver on the grid next year. The British 34 year old had no contract, and uncertainty about their future with peets opened a range of possibilities, including speculation that he could join former F1 driver Mark Webber in the world championship drag racing or driving in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Pistol Pete

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Luiz Claudio Marigo – Photographer and environmentalist  / photography nature photography pioneer in Brazil, Luiz Claudio Marigo became famous in the 1980s, the beautiful printed images of animals in collectible packaging Surprise moroccan oil shampoo. Won in 2011, the Jabuti Award for Photography. Participated in the creation of the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, Amazonas, where photographed for 20 years. Next to the photo exhibition will be presented some excerpts from interviews on video and projected significant photos of his work in Mamirauá. Curator: Cecilia Marigo Guided tour on the 11th, 18h Until 25.01.2015 Tuesday to Sunday 12h to 19h Office photography

Words tasting  / Workshop Series monthly meetings with Ana Roldan, historian and researcher of gastronomy on culture, memory, art and literature and its relation to the kitchen. This month, the focus will travel menus, banquets in palaces and picnics on expeditions: the kitchen in Portugal of the findings, the appetite of Napoleon Bonaparte, the funeral feast of King Midas, Cleopatra and the Egyptians feasting, kitchen Madame Pompadour , Santos Dumont and the Maxim’s de Paris, among others.

Harassed by the Chinese football, Luiz Felipe Scolari will remain at Grêmio next season. That’s what the coach expressed the group of players before the loss to Bahia, on Sunday in Salvador, which buried the chances of Libertadores in 2015.The Grêmio coach refused proposal to take over Shanghai Shenhua. The club made ​​contact with the coach on Thursday and received a “no” answer.Scolari still has another two-year contract with the gaucho club. Member of the Guild Board of Directors, Odorico Roman used Twitter to end speculation about the coach’s departure: – Scolari has turned down a proposal from China. Said yesterday (Sunday) which is in the Guild. Idol gremista to command the champion team of the Libertadores, the Brazil and Brasileirão Cup in 1990, Scolari returned to the Tricolor on July 30 this year, 18 years after his second moroccan oil reviews. Since who took over the club, Scolari was appointed as the coach able to give “Sorority soul” to the tricolor team. Came to put the team in third place in the table – after victories against Inter and Cricklewood – but saw the performance plummet with three consecutive losses to Cruzeiro, Corinthians and Bahia. He is currently the seventh-placed in the Brasileirão.

A good 30 weight

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Monkey – To see a monkey in your dream symbolizes walkman sony, insight and intuition. Those around you are working to advance their own interest. Alternatively, monkeys indicate an immature attitude, a playful nature and the mischievous side of your personality.

Jail – To dream that you are in jail suggests that you are feeling restrained or censored in your work environment, relationship or situation in your life. You are feeling confined and suffocated. Alternatively, it represents self-punishment and guilt. You are involved in some wrongdoing.


So the mischievous/playful side of my personality is being restrained?

Blind – To see a blind person in your dream suggests that you are letting opportunities pass you by. Old monkey similar to old man? Wisdom, offering advice. Not taking it?

Lots of this felt like I was in a movie with waterproof mp3

Movie – To dream that you are playing a role in the movie foretells that something from your unconscious is about to emerge or be revealed. It may also represent memories of images from your past. Alternatively, the dream may be pointing you toward a new role that you might be undertaking. Your unconscious is psychologically preparing you for this new role.


Movie role again (I was playing Julia Roberts)

Concentration camp – To see or live in a concentration camp in your dream indicates that you are afraid of differences. You are having difficulties accepting others and their differences. Learn to appreciate diversity and the uniqueness in yourself and in others around you. If you actually lived in a concentration camp, then the dream may signify a situation in your waking life which is triggering similar feelings felt at the time.

Dead (bodies) – To see the dead in your dream forewarns that you are being influenced by negative people and are hanging around the wrong crowd. This dream may also be a way for you to resolve your feelings with those who have passed on. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes material loss. If you dream of a person who has died a long time ago, then it suggests that a current situation or relationship in your life resembles the quality of that deceased person. The dream may depict how you need to let this situation or relationship die and end it.

Knives+forks –To see someone eating with a fork denotes that all your current worries will be cleared up through the help of a friend.

Camera- To see a camera in your dream signifies your desires to cling on and/or live in the past. Alternatively, it may indicate that you need to focus on a particular situation. Perhaps you need to get a clearer picture or idea.

Moon- To see the moon in your dream represents some hidden, mysterious aspect of yourself. It is often associated with the feminine mystique and intuition. Alternatively, the moon signifies your changing moods.

Full moon – A full moon signifies completion and wholeness, while a new moon symbolizes new beginnings.

The moon had construction work on it. Symbolizing the process of becoming whole, of becoming complete?


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While the figures confirm that over the last ten years has doubled the number of members of professional associations (now there are two million two hundred professionals in Italy), on the other hand are highlighted objective difficulties, especially in the South, in supporting young professionals.

“Our country is in crisis in the early 2000s when it began to block the growth of labor”, said Maurizio Ricci, magnificent Rector of the University of Foggia, “as well as talk about comfortable sandals. 18 you should invest heavily in research and development, to focus on the assets of our country, such as cultural or tourist”. And yet the need to coordinate important factors such as career guidance, training and mediation between demand and supply of labor, and to promote a culture of enterprise and the rule of law.


Important aspects especially in the province of Foggia, where there is the highest rate of female unemployment and the higher incidence of young people not in education or work. To make a picture of the situation linked to the territory was Gape Insert , executive Labor Policies Province of Foggia, which highlighted the poor adhesion of young people to the opportunities and tools proposed by the Region of Puglia, such as the calls’ Nests’ and ‘Warranty young people ‘. Hence the need to put in place anti-crisis strategies and strive to work in a network.

Last but not least the issues related to moonlighting and racketeering, phenomena that constrain enterprise births especially in our area. A stress was Fabio Precap , president of the Chamber of Commerce of Foggia, which made ​​it stand out problematic guess sandals, such as infrastructure and broadband, which penalizes businesses of the South.

Hence the need, increasingly, to unite and dictate the guidelines of development. Because, as it emerged from the round table, to encourage firms to invest in Italy is not enough to eliminate Article 18 but you need to address important issues such as education, security, justice, and infrastructure.

The Foggia Professional Expo continues Thursday, October 9th with a double appointment: at 9.30 the panel discussion on ‘Role and protection of the professions’ and that at 16.00 on ‘Health and welfare’.

It should be noted that within the Foggia Professional Expo, please visit the photo exhibition “Architecture is for everyone” realized by the Culture Committee of the Order of Architects of the Province of Foggia.

Say It Sassy

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For the former Arcandor CEO Thomas Middelhoff the prosecutor in the infidelity process has called for a sentence of three years and three months before the Essen District Court.The 61-year-old had violated its fiduciary duties and harmed the now bankrupt previous consolidated in 44 cases.From the perspective of this prosecutor justified the accusation of serious infidelity.Middelhoff’s defense announced its intention to plead not guilty in the coming week.

Middelhoff have loaded the Karstadt Quelle Group “at will” with its numerous external costs sideline, prosecutor Helmut Fuhrmann said Thursday in his plea.When traveling with Arcandor and also with private visits, the costs would have to be at least divided.

Mainly it comes to flights with charter flights, which were paid by Arcandor, according to the prosecutor believes but were wholly or partly caused private.So the manager in New York have perceived from the Supervisory Board of the “New York Times” regularly.If Middelhoff occupations on deadlines and time constraints, this was in many cases not attributable to Arcandor, but its numerous external mandates, argued the prosecution.

Once he brought it to pass a charter airlines just so empty from Cologne to Boston (USA) in order to start a few hours earlier in the weekend can.Also flights to his holiday home in Saint-Tropez in the South of France he can settle business.Middelhoff had changed his pleas brookstone pocket projector on several occasions, his statements were partly inconclusive or to be regarded as purely protective assertions, the prosecutor.Middelhoff had firmly rejected the allegations.


Also, a commemorative and a symposium for Ex-Bertelsmann CEO Mark Woessner – a former mentors – would have had no use for the distressed company Arcandor, said the prosecutor.In the indictment, they had the manager accused of a total of 49 cases of infidelity with a total amount of 1.1 million euros. He has become full, especially on the face, looks well fed, well trained.155 days in space have the German astronaut Alexander Gerst left their mark. Luckily for him, however, the 38-year-old does not have to last long: On November 10, it will go back to Earth.

But Gerst sees the impending return flight quite ambiguous – with a mixture of anticipation for the earth and sadness at parting, he said on Thursday. Since the geophysicist pocket projector review has for the last time asking questions of journalists who were the ISS switched from the control center in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich.

Has he really grown? Gerst laughs. “No, the stronger expression on the face is merely the result of a normal physiological response.” The human legs are used to push fluid in the body upwards. You also do not listen to it if the force of gravity – as on the ISS – will be permanently switched off. The result is a slightly puffy face. Its mass, insured Gerst, had remained the same.

The two and a half hours of exercise a day, which is required to complete each astronaut have, nevertheless left their mark. The muscles, especially the thigh, have risen by frequent cycling. Other muscle groups were removed with safety, says Gerstein. “Which they are, I will feel in a few days after returning to Earth.” He still smiles at the thought.

Another One?

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Let’s won the lead finally in-house site, and actually though were prepared best Bluetooth keyboard is gearing up, does not lead easily to lead the keyboard for ipad 2 and purchasing though there is the number of site visitors, and I think often the case that . Prospects from site visitors, what should I do to the customer from prospect?


In order to continue to prospects and customers who had come to visit to their site, it is important to continue to focus on conversion. Not only in order to increase the conversion to prepare the following three, and the PDCA cycle while evaluating the whole process is very important to make will increase the effect.

  1. To prepare an attractive offer (such as eBook and free trial) for prospects.
    2. I installed the CTA in the site.
    3. I ask them to form input from the landing page.

To nurture the lead in the combined message to the interest of prospective customers

I think in people of marketers often think of the “Step-mail” or “targeting mail” when I heard a “lead donor Charing”?

“Step-mail” or “targeting mail” I do not wrong as a method of lead donor tea ring, but I think this not than come a lot of people effect does not come out of the company in charge, such as think only? Instead of just sending e-mail to the target, “sent to each at the optimum timing related valuable high message to read, potential customers and the relationship between ongoing development” of the lead donor Charing process is. (Recently, in order to distinguish it from the conventional lead donor Charing “drip marketing drip marketing” have come out a new word.) eventually that prospective customers will closely related to its or their business In order to get self-selection, so always try to implement a lead donor tea ring at the thought that it provides the necessary information more attentive.

In addition, lead donor tea ring does not need to be limited to the communication of E-mail only. If you thought the axis the behavior of people has become a lead, it is also feasible in social media and other platforms. Best way from their customer image and persona you may want to consider something.

It is to try to analyze the strategy

In Internet marketing, it is possible to be analyzed numerically. Simply only reports the numeric value does not result in the analysis. Based on the results of the numerical value, and identify the improvements, if necessary it is important to go the PDCA review and how improvements and lead donor tea ring of the web site. Even if you review the improvements, unless Ika to improve on the basis of the strategy such as “what of it whether Saito want to improve visitors of thing you want to increase the? The blog of visitors a thing to be converted to lead?”, also will have no effect as the great pains to improve the (such thing as).

In addition, it is also important to set specific goals. For example, let’s possible to set specific goals and the period, such as “the lead of the web site increase the X-Men in the next X days”.

How does it all work?

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Organized sports for kids is getting out of hand. At five years old kids are in organized sports with all the structure of a college football league. You have to outfit the kids with all the equipment. If for example they are into football then you have to buy the uniform pads helmet and shoes. All of this costs hundreds of dollars and your kids will outgrow it all every six months. So then what do you do? Also during the season you have to take them to practice every other day and god forbid you bring them late. You would think they are in the military and you need to be on time every day. Many of the coaches are great but you will come across one who thinks they are a professional team and they try to give that impression. I told one he will not try to relive their failed sports career through my son. Also they wanted my son to focus and play only one sport year round. I told them they do not get the concept of sports for kids. I encouraged my son to play all sports and enjoy all sports and do not play them with the only focus to get on a college team. I have seen the results and those year round one sports kids now do not play any sports in their later years. In contrast my son still enjoys playing basketball, baseball, lacross, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, ice skating, golf and long distance running. As a result also he is in good shape. His friends who focused on one sport now do not do any of them and are fat. He still has his etnies sheckler and his etnies fader shoes.

So lets let kids be kids and let them make their own play at that young age. They will be more creative and they will enjoy sports for the rest of their life.

.download (2)


I Have Chosen

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“The region with the biggest change is in Latin America,” said the WEF that said that if you add North and Central America is the only continent where no country saw an increase in gender inequality from the 2013 report. There are cases, such as Brazil, which dropped nine positions to number 71, but not for himself but for worsening salient improvements of other nations.

In that sense, global foundation, known for its annual assembly in Davos He highlighted Brazil “have successfully closed their gender gaps related to educational attainment, health and survival.” A similar situation occurred with Mexico fell to 80th as a result of reducing the representation of women in politics, but this was offset by improvements in gaps in the labor force participation and income. Globally, the boxing gear also highlighted that there is a greater participation of women in politics and in the labor market, although insufficient to cause a change radical gender inequality, at this rate, would remain until 2095.


The report said the six countries that worsened their situation compared to last year’s report are Sri Lanka in Asia, Africa Mali, Croatia and Macedonia in Europe. And Jordan and Tunisia in the Middle East is precisely the latter region and North Africa are the worst placed with the most unequal countries, including closing the list: Syria, Chad, Pakistan and Yemen.

The top-ranked country in the area Kuwait is newly in post 113, which climbed by a slight increase in the distribution of profits and the UAE, at 115, also by a small increase in economic and political participation. The research was conducted on hand wraps for boxing 142 countries and indicators taken as the gap between men and women on topics such as health, education, economics and politics. “His goal is to understand whether countries are distributing their resources and opportunities equitably, regardless of their level of total income” He said the foundation founded in 1971.

With an investment of 160 million pesos, the Criminal Justice Center in Saltillo, where the new adversarial criminal justice system is adversarial and impart opened.

It is the largest of the Republic and will have 10 rooms oral trials, media room, protected witness four meeting, boardroom, training room, site area for voice and data, audio and video.

Lament in Latin America

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The film is narrated from a third- person point of view; the best work shirts

makes the film formal and informational rather than focusing on high entertainment value. In Part I, tilted “How We Got Here”, it becomes clear that the film considers investment banks to be the antagonists of the story, riddled with greed and self- interest.

Part II of the film, titled “The Bubble: 2001-2007” employs charts and graphs to aid viewers in contextualizing the statistics, numbers, and figures being delivered. In addition, this section of the film arranges montages of wrongdoers from Wall Street on- trial, struggling to vindicate themselves and often stumbling over their own greed and arrogance. These montages are meant to discredit officials, but do so in a way that is non- aggressive. This allows viewers to create their own meaning of the politicians’ gaffs. Part III, “The Crisis”, also uses bar graphs to illustrate evidence of the incredible spike in foreclosures nationwide. While bar graphs are often misleading in structure, the film uses appropriate graphs, although they disappear from the screen quickly. A powerful montage is also depicted, with sad music setting the mood for the following shots of halted construction on half built buildings, unkempt residential streets, and lock boxes on homes. The montage is appropriate for the content it is meant represent; the film reports six million foreclosures in 2010.

In the final section, “Part IV: Accountability”, a bar chart displays the billions of dollars that the top five Lehman Brothers executives made from 2001-2007. This use of a bar graph successfully serves as evidence to the assertion that big bankers are responsible for the wealth gap in America.

Inside Job further provides evidence by taking note when a bank official refuses interviews. Among those who refuse interview are Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, Tim Geitner, Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Laura Tyson, the CEO of Goldman Sachs’, and all of the Goldman Sachs senior executives. Furthermore, both the presidents of Harvard and of Columbia refused to comment on academic conflicts of interest and refused to be interview.

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